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Yoga therapy for trauma

Elaine Lang RN, MS

Elaine began a therapist (Board certified psychiatric mental health nurse specialist) in 1993. She became a certified addictions counselor in 2010.

Elaine became an RYT 200 yoga teacher in 1999 after completing a 9 month program at the Asheville Yoga Center.

She loves sharing the gift of yoga because 'Yoga helps me to love my body and my life!"

Elaine became a certified in yoga therapy practitioner in 2000 under the mentorship of Karen Haskaarl.

As a longtime therapist and addictions counselor, she was struck by the power and ease of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy to empower women and create deep transformation.

"It's so much more powerful than traditional 'talk therapy' because the body is the focus... the coached awareness, gentle assisted movement, and therapeutic communication techniques bring you to your heart... where you true wisdom and spiritual connection resides.